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    2013 China Coat

    Being renowned for Functional Fillers manufacturer - HOFFMANN MINERAL GmbH & Co. KG will participate in ChinaCoat 2013 Shanghai co-organized by its exclusive representative Soule International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Date: Nov 20-22, 2013
    Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
    2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, P. R. China
    Booth: 3G 31 - 34 (click here to see the floor plan)

    Herewith please accept our sincere invitation for visiting Hoffmann’s booth. It would be our greatest pleasure to have you here.

    The world-famous heavyweight coating exhibition with 915 booths from China and over the world is expected to have tens of thousands visitors Due to the limited supply of fossil fuels, the renewable energy, energy saving and environmentally friendly products and advanced application technology will be the focus of our project forward.

    For more ChinaCoat information, please click: http://www.chinacoat.net



    In the course of global footwear business development, Taiwan is in the position to lead and go with the stream.

    Being traditional industry, shoe business is always on the track of constant technical innovation and new material discovering. In the 40 year’s penetrating in the market, exploring cutting edge practical knowledge and seeking for novel source material are always the ultimate pursuit of Sou Le Enterprise’s business approach.

    On Nov. 7, 2012, SouLe invited TSE Industries, Inc, and SAM BU FINE CHEMICAL CO., LTD to co-host the very first footwear seminar in Hotel Pullman Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

    During the seminar, the up-to-date material for shoesole and developing trend are introduced, with exceptional expertise and worldwide marketing network , providing customers with high quality products and services , and become the best partner for our customers .

    Hundreds of professional specialist in footwear market joined the seminar and have various spirited debate/discussion and candid information exchanged to reach a fruitful collaboration.

    The seminar program rundown includes:
      TSE (Millathane? millable polyurethane rubber for shoe applications)
      Sou Le (Factice’s application in shoes industry)
      Sambu ((New development & application in shoes upper raw material)

    According to the feedback from the guests, the seminar is considered as a benefited and educational event, and they are willing to have the new released materials implement their R&D department’s future program.

    It’s the perfect ending to the perfect seminar.



    2012 China International Rubber Technology Exhibition

    2012 China International Rubber Technology Exhibition choose the grand opening on November 14 in Shanghai Pudong, First established and jointly participating suppliers to cordially invite your to visit the site to provide you with perfect The instant message service. King to be your visit.

    Stand: 3B667 (click)



    ChinaCoat 2010

    ChinaCoat 2010 was held in Guangzhou Int'l Convention & Exhibition Center (GICEC) from Sep 27 to 29, 2010, and the exhibition has drawn the attention of enterprises all over the world.  In order to introduce the most advanced application technology and product for filling in customers’ request, Sou Le also participated in the gala and co-worked with other enterprise for exchanging mutual information and reaching fantastic achievement.  Along with the constant updating technology, Sou Le should keep on growing to catch up the progress, in order to reach perfection application in coating. 



    Dear Partner:

    We herein cordially invite you to visit the exhibition---The Rubber Tech at Shanghai during NOV.25.2010 - NOV.27.2010.

    We are very sincerely to invite you to visit our booth. The booth NO is 2A548. Our well-trained staff will be pleased to provide you more detailed information then.
    And we look forward to your visit in our booth.





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